The Premier League

The Premier League is the professional league for football clubs. It is also known as Barclays Premier League or The Premiership. The Primal League, contested by 20 clubs, is the primary competition of U.K. football. It is known as the most lucrative football league in the world. Its revenue from stadium attendances is the fourth highest attendance in the world. Total club revenues of more than 1.4 billion pounds make it one of the biggest sports events of the season. Premier League clubs have the freedom of signing any number of players; there is no individual salary cap, no age restriction other than standard restrictions specified by law. Player wagers in the Premier league become more substantial over the years; whereas in the first Premier League season the player received 75,000 pounds per years, during the next decade the payment increased significantly and became almost 7000,000 pounds.

The Premier League receives a substantial promotion worldwide. It is celebrated as “The Greatest Show on Earth”, being the most watched sporting league. Half a billion people get the chance to watch Premier League on television. Premier League fans read news and articles about the event, exchange English Premier league rumors and gossip involving Premier League, watch TV news and read sports sections in different magazines. Fans collect videos of the games and watch them on videosComputer Technology Articles, making commentaries regarding the games of particular players. Premier League games on TV always gather a large audience and are rightfully considered to be the most famous sports event in the world.